Van Newsome   
Birmingham Rollers
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I have found a new hobby that I am really enjoying.  
A friend of mine I had known since 1983 called me.  
He said he would be in Greensboro, NC the next 
weekend for a fly.  I asked him what a fly was and 
he explained he raised Birmingham Rollers and 
they were having what they call a fly in Greensboro.  
He invited me over to go with them and I accepted 
his invitation and the rest is now history.  My 
friend Ron raised me several birds and I drove to
Baltimore, MD to get them and had a good trip.  Ron
took me around his area to visit several of his club 
members.  They had some really good birds and the 
hospitality was great.   I have met so many nice guys
and they all have been very helpful.

I am a member of a local club ( Triad Flying Roller 
Club).  I look forward to flying in their competition this
 summer.  This web page is for friends and family 
to keep them informed on what is going and to 
educate them on the Roller Pigeons Hobby.




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